• White Art Bottle - FLOWSOFLY art kunst
  • White Art Bottle - FLOWSOFLY art kunst
  • White Art Bottle - FLOWSOFLY art kunst
  • White Art Bottle - FLOWSOFLY art kunst
  • White Art Bottle - FLOWSOFLY art kunst

White Art Bottle

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Stay hydrated & inspired.

Limited Edition Steel Bottle, created in collaboration with Austrian brand Waterdrop.

  • Available in Full Liter (1000 ml) and Half Liter (500 ml) size
  • Flow's Artwork "Openness" is engraved on this double-walled stainless steel bottle
  • Keeps drinks ice-cold for up to 24 hours and warm for 12 hours thanks to vacuum insulation
  • Limited Edition of 6000 bottles with engraved numbers on the bamboo bottle cap
  • Do not put in the dishwasher
  • Ideal companion on the go, for your studies, sick couch days, hikes, beach days, summer and winter trips, or as a stylish interior design artifact

Not everything you find online is free to take. Usually, there is a person behind the creative work who spent hours creating and who is trying to make a living. This also applies to tattoo art.

Tattoo artists are supposed to check the copyright of the tattoo art.

By purchasing a license here you support my art and my creative copyright.

The tattoo license is therefore my OK for you to get one of my drawings tattooed.

Please check out with email (not phone number!) to receive your personalized FLOWSOFLY PDF Tattoo License.

The license is valid for a drawing of your choice. Pick from any of flow's published drawings.

💉 Australia: Gold Coast:Zara

💉 Austria: Vienna:Nicky Cube

💉 Austria: Linz: Inkredible Lena

💉 Canada-Australia:Harry Plane

💉 Canada: Montréal:Marc Bonin

💉 Germany: Berlin:Lisa

💉 Germany: Berlin:Vincent Klöffer

💉 Germany: Düsseldorf:Anna Liza

💉 Germany: Hildesheim:Paradots

💉 Germany: Schwetzingen:Waldemar Müller

💉 Italy: Pontecorvo:Gessica Raven

💉 Italy: Pordenone: Matteo Grigolo

💉 Netherlands: Zandvoort:Gioia Melis

💉 New Zealand: Auckland:Jessica Joy

💉 Norway: Oslo:Frank Holm

💉 Poland: Poznan:Julia Mo

💉 Russia: Saint Petersburg:Kristina

💉 Singapore:Jerome Lee

💉 Spain: Barcelona:Marina Molist

💉 Turkey: Istanbul:Fatih Odabas

💉 UK: London-Camberley:Bea

💉 USA: Los Angeles, California:Konstantin Noskos

💉 USA: Tampa, Florida:The Nooj Josh Agostinelli

As I'm always curious how the tattoos turn out, it would be awesome if you share a photo with me via Instagram or email f@flowsofly.art — thanks!