LA Exhibition

FLOWSOFLY's art is a study and celebration of human nature, intimacy and sensuality.

The works invite you to reflect and fantasize, reading your personal interpretations between the lines.

This exhibition shows and offers you a large selection of flow's artworks for the first time in the US.

Thank you for appreciating my work and for supporting me to live for and from my art.

The third dimension

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FLOWSOFLY is an emerging artist based in Vienna, Austria. flow has been sharing artworks since 2015 and has become one of the most known and celebrated artists working with line art.

Inspired by the beauties and pleasures of life, flow’s art shows human figures, intimate emotions and sensual erotica in sometimes intricate, fine lines and sometimes rough, pastel lines. flow’s drawings are precise yet abstract visual poetry that invite you to read between the lines.

In order to keep viewers open-minded and to encourage personal interpretations, flow focuses the attention on the art rather than on the person behind and therefore stays anonymous online.

flowsofly has attracted a global community of collectors and fans on social media, thousands of whom wear flow’s lines as tattoos. Moreover, flow’s art has been featured by Playboy and Red Bull, in international exhibitions from Austria to Italy to Peru, on special collaboration products like wine and lubricant and most recently developed a new dimension as digital sculptures.

“Art to me is exploration — of thoughts, feelings, souls — and communicating that exploration journey in a creative, emotionally and intellectually stimulating way.”