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Ever since I started drawing loving lines, I dreamt of adding a third dimension. In collaboration with Vienna-based goldsmith master Rosa Marlene, this dream now becomes a reality!

Loving lines materialize in gold & silver!

This jewellery invites you to take art for a walk, and let your heart talk.

All pieces are hand-crafted with lots of love for detail. This makes each piece of jewellery a unique piece of art. We work from Vienna with recycled silver & gold. Sustainability, honesty & longevity are key in our creations which is why we craft the jewellery to your individual order.

Current creation & delivery times are 2-4 weeks.

Huge thanks to photographers Dominic Berchtold & Nina Weidinger and the gorgeous, volunteering models who are all @flowsofly followers from Vienna for celebrating this third dimension of flow's line art.

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