Austrian Startups Summit 2023

Thanks for appreciating my art ♡

Here are some specials for you! 👀

Interactive sculpture

Drawings come to life as 3D interactive sculptures with augmented reality

* soon available with NFT certificate

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Please email me: f@flowsofly.art

Next exhibition

This weekend, May 6 & 7 on the vinyard estate Geyerhof (Kremstal) with a wine tasting of our collaboration wine bottles.

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Studies of human nature.
Celebrations of sensuality.
Inspiration for intimacy.

What started in 2015 as my personal, nightly artistic adventure — making a new drawing every day — turned into my full-time profession thanks to a global community of fans and collectors, thousands of whom wear my artworks as tattoos.

After making several thousand sketches which I shared on my anonymous Instagram account @flowsofly, I quit my job in 2019 to pursue my dream of living for and from making art.

It’s been an exciting rollercoaster ride ever since, hosting exhibitions from Vienna to Lima to Los Angeles, creating collaborations with other artists and brands and opening my own studio here in Vienna.

Recently I evolved my creative practice of fine, clean lines in two ways: analog, by working with pastels on larger format paper and canvas giving my lines rougher texture and depth. And digitally by bringing the drawings to life as 3D interactive sculptures which are accessible through augmented reality.

My visual language is intricate and specific in human anatomy yet abstract and open to interpretation in its complex and playful simplicity.

I share my art as an invitation to reflect and fantasize, to connect with your human and sensual nature and to inspire intimate conversations and moments.