🙌 Exciting changes ahead

Dear friends, collectors & fans,

I’m writing this letter to tell you that I have some exciting changes in plan for FLOWSOFLY.

Changes often have origins in the outer & inner world. In my case, the outer world refers to increased censorship from Instagram where I publish most of my art. Additionally, technological advances, particularly related to web3, offer compelling new ways of interacting with art.

Inner changes refer to my personal and creative drive. I feel I have grown emotionally more mature in the past year, giving me energy & inspiration for this evolution.

Overall, my aim is to maximize my artistic freedom while sharing my work & philosophy with a global audience and also try to make a living from my art. I know that’s ambitious, but I accept the challenge!

It’s clear that I have to get more independent from censoring, ad-powered social media platforms. I need an independent, personal, direct, and intimate format to share my art.

Hearing about the impact that my intricate lines have on your lives & relationships humbles me deeply. Let me tell you that I am more committed than ever to exploring & celebrating the human experience artistically. I am humbled that I get to share my perspectives, learnings, ideas, and visions expressed as artworks as inspiration with you.

What exactly have I planned? You’ll learn about that in the coming weeks & months as my new strategies take shape. As a teaser, it will involve more unique & uncensored artworks. And the artworks will be extended to involve digital & real experiences. I also want to provide a safe space for mental health with community features. Finally, I want to involve more of you, as models and collaborators.

How can you help? By opening your mind & heart for art and by spreading the word for FLOWSOFLY with people you care about. If you’d like to get involved on a deeper level, please send me an email. I’m currently particularly looking for 1) classical musicians and 2) exhibition event locations around the world.

To focus on these new ideas & strategies, I will stop others. Particularly, I will stop making editions and focus on unique artworks. So if you’d like to get your hands on more affordable editions, now is your chance. I created the code LASTCHANCE for free shipping within Europe which you can use for all artworks & products this weekend. (All works can be shipped worldwide.)

View my available drawings here and prints here.

I want to thank you deeply for your loyalty, your interest & your support. I’m incredibly excited & inspired to build this next level of art & interaction for and with you.

Stay healthy, stay inspired!

From Vienna with ♡



3 June 2022