How to present art

'I first placed the art in my home and then decided where I wanted to relax and read, cook and eat, work and play, dress and sleep.'

While an artist's focus is on creating the artwork, the curator's focus is on presenting it. Knowing how art affects our mood helps us decide how to frame and place it.

Whether you call a room in your parent's house your home, a small apartment, a fancy bachelor pad or a grand estate, a place starts to feel cosy and develop a soul once you personalize it and make it yours. Artworks can quickly turn an ordinary room into an oasis of inspiration, a safe haven, an intimate sanctuary of love. Art can turn a house into a home.

FLOW SO FLY's art is characterized by intricate lines of intimacy. Some works show human details while others zoom out and show entire bodies. Some works have denser lines while many are minimalist abstractions. What connects all of them is the artist's philosophy to trigger your imagination for the human feeling.

'A frame is to an artwork what the haircut is to a face.'

Depending on what you see in the artwork and how you feel looking at it helps you decide on how to frame and place it. Just like a haircut highlights certain facial features of a person, framing and positioning of the artwork, along with lighting, shape its mood and impression.

Whether you want to contrast the simplicity of FLOW SO FLY's black lines with a decorative, gold baroque frame, go anti and simply attach it to a wall with black tape, insert it between glass plates that float freely from the ceiling or embed the piece in a classic wood or aluminium frame is really up to you. Keep in mind that besides presentation, the frame's main role is to protect the artwork.

Furthermore, you can look into adding a passepartout to give the artwork more room to breathe and set a stronger focus on it. Passepartouts are also helpful in making the artwork fit into an existing frame, perhaps bringing new life into a heirloom or a special find from a vintage store.

flow personally loves to hang artworks in frames found in vintage stores and restore them with new museum-glass which is clearer and mirrors less than regular acrylic glass found in most frames.

Since placing art in our homes has and should have many variations, FLOW SO FLY offers the artworks unframed and invites you to add your personal note through creative framing and positioning. So take your time to reflect, gather your inspiration, summon your courage and become the curator of your home.