Diary Subscription: 1 year, 1 time

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My Diary is a subscription service that invites you

  • 😍 to explore the depth of my artworks
  • 😌 to reflect with longer reflections that go beyond captions
  • 💦 to fantasize with intimate stories told in visuals & texts
  • 🙏 to support me to keep creating & sharing art

I hope that to you, this Diary will feel like a monthly coffee date conversation with one of your favorite artists. Or a super affordable therapy session.

That’s why I put the subscription in the ballpark of a monthly coffee date (€5).

If you have gotten inspiration, joy, encouragement or pleasure out of following my art, I'd appreciate if you show your appreciation with a subscription.

While it's easiest if you get the subscription on my diary website, my webshop here offers additional payment methods like PayPal or bank transfer and the possibility for a one-time transfer (as opposed to recurring support).

Thank you for your appreciation. 🥰