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Loving Lips

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Flow's loving lines materialize in sterling silver in this special edition jewellery crafted in collaboration between artist FLOW SO FLY & goldsmith Rosa Marlene.

Pendant for Necklace

  • Hand-made in Vienna, Austria
  • Made from sustainably recycled 925 sterling silver
  • Art piece comes as a necklace on a black string and can be added to your existing necklaces


    • Large is 60mm long and 30mm wide
    • Small is 40mm long and 20mm wide and with a polished, glossy finish
    • The art pieces are incredibly light to wear and tested for everyday use


    • Customization with 18k gold plating is possible
    • Please get in touch with goldsmith Rosa Marlene after purchasing, or contact your local goldsmith
    Big Thanks to photographers Florence Stoiber & Dominic Berchtold for your help in capturing these Wearable Sculptures!

    Just wanted to thank you

    for appreciating my work and supporting me to continue to explore intimacy through art! May you feel the hug I try to send you with this note ♡

    Got questions? Message me!