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  • Massage Oil artwork - FLOWSOFLY
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Massage Oil

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We learn to appreciate something when we lose it. In that way, the Corona situation made me appreciate the sense of touch.

So I wanted to make something for my community that encourages pleasurable touch in intimate ways. Pleasurable touch releases Oxytocin in our brain which relaxes our body, reduces anxiety and strengthens our immune system. It makes us feel goooood.

This collaboration with UCBerlin introduces natural, hand-made, highest-quality & vegan products that invite you to feel for yourself or with a partner the art of touch.

  • Massage oil that invites for sensual moments of intimate touch
  • 50ml black glass bottle featuring an artwork by FLOW SO FLY
  • Made from natural essential oils including apricot kernel, jojoba, bergamot, lavender & cedar wood
  • Moisturizes and relaxes the skin
  • Made in Germany by UC Berlin

Just wanted to thank you

for appreciating my work and supporting me to continue to explore intimacy through art! May you feel the hug I try to send you with this note ♡