About me


flowsofly is a contemporary artist publishing work under the name flowsofly [flow-so-fly] since April 2015.

I am fascinated by the creative challenge to express the beauties and complexities of life and intimacy in simple lines.
I am trying to publish a new artwork every day on Instagram. And Pinterest.
I write accompanying words to my art.
I am inspired by unconditionally loving people.
I am inspired by music and this is my Spotify playlist.
I am blown away knowing that over a thousand people have my art tattooed.
I am from Austria.
I am in love with the ocean and the mountains and dark techno clubs.
I did not study fine art but hold a Masters degree from an Italian design school.
I speak German, English, Italian, French, Spanish and Korean (in order of fluency).
I don't disclose much about my persona because I want to enable you, the viewer, an unbiased interpretation and encourage your personal, creatively sparkling thoughts to read between my lines.
I have a couple of hundred thousand people checking out my art every week on social media.
I have never placed an ad on social media.
Other than that I am a normal person like you who likes chocolate, sunsets and wonders what will happen tomorrow.


You can email me more questions if you like.