"To celebrate the human experience — that is my goal. That's why I create art as an exploration and celebration of intimacy. I share my work anonymously as an invitation to reflect & fantasize, for anyone, anywhere. I invite you to read between my lines and get in touch with your sensuality."

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It's a humbling and mindblowing honor to know that my art is in homes from Vienna to London to New York to Hong Kong to Johannesburg to Sydney and under the skin of over 1.500 humans all over the world.

Find my latest works here and don't hesitate to send an email if you'd like to join the Collector's Club!

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A new way to interact with art and each other in meaningful & intimate conversations.


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Collect my exclusive digital artworks as non-fungible tokens with blockchain certificates.

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Whether it's hotels like the historic Hirschen in Schwarzenberg, music artists like Hidden Empire or AVEC or brands from Waterdrop to Faber-Castell or Red Bull, I am excited about opportunities of working together, bringing art into the world!

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