is the pen name of a contemporary artist from Austria.

flow touches upon the most intimate parts of human nature with intricate line art.

The body language expressed in drawn and written poetry aims to say more with less and invites you to read between the lines.

With an online following of almost half a million people, thousands of whom have flow's lines tattooed, and international exhibitions, FLOW SO FLY is growing into a worldwide celebration of intimacy & love.

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Wearable Sculptures

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Respecting the copyright of the art you put under your skin

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Wearable Sculptures

Loving lines materialize in gold & silver in collaboration with Vienna-based goldsmith Rosa-Marlene.

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Why anonymous?

The more a viewer knows about an artist, the more their impression is biased. Viewers no longer see an artwork through their own eyes but take the artist's context as a starting point for interpretation.

I like to think that the viewer's associations add the color to my work. I like the myriad of stories created in viewers' heads & conversations. So I want to encourage such a plurality by not revealing much about my persona.

Besides, I enjoy the privacy of a regular life.

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