• My mind learns how My here meets now.

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flowsofly [flow-so-fly] is the pen name of a contemporary artist from Austria.

I love the human. The raw. The imperfect. The fragile. The sexy.

This love flows my lines into forms of art.

Lines of art & poetry have become my medium for stories of intimacy, thoughts that question our being and feelings that connect us all because it's such a simple, spontaneous and honest way of expression.

I share my art with the world as an invitation for you to reflect & fantasize so it's an honor to feel how much you read between my lines.


Respecting the copyright of the art you put under your skin

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I absolutely adore your art! It has been such a help with healing that aspect of my life and embracing intimacy ♡ you're doing SO much more than just sharing your beautiful art, you're helping others heal with it.


Your work is all over my home, it is a constant reminder of what is most important in life.. Love, Vulnerability and those beautiful intimate moments that create life but also make you feel like your body is on 🔥


Your art allows me to connect with myself and with other beings in a way that transcends words. Merci ♡


Your art always inspires me. I don't really know how to explain it but I feel a warmth in my heart. They are so simple yet so special and liberators. You see those lines and your imagination creates the story and the scenario.


Your art gives me life! Pushes me to honor who I really am, to live my life authentically & unapologetically. I can't wait to have this piece in my home. Vielen Dank ♡



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Why anonymous?

The more a viewer knows about an artist, the more their impression is biased. Viewers no longer see an artwork through their own eyes but take the artist's context as a starting point for interpretation.

I like to think that the viewer's associations add the color to my work. I like the myriad of stories created in viewers' heads & conversations. So I want to encourage such a plurality by not revealing much about my persona.

Besides, I enjoy the privacy of a regular life.

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