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Tattoo License

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€ 29,00 EUR
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€ 29,00 EUR

 It is truly an honor to see people getting my art tattooed. Tattoos are turning into my biggest, living exhibition, which is mind-blowing & heart-warming.

If you too want to get a tattoo of FLOW SO FLY's art, please find a local tattoo artist and show them the receipt you got here which is the OK for you to get one of flow's artworks tattooed.

With the tattoo license, you can choose the artwork that speaks to you most from all of flow's works.

Tattoo artists are supposed to check the copyright of the tattoo art and by purchasing a license here you support and value the artist, the art and the copyright.
As flow's always super curious how they turn out, please email a photo of the result.

Note: the tattoo license is delivered as a pdf to your email so please check out with email to receive it, not just with your phone number.

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    Just wanted to thank you

    for appreciating my work and supporting me to continue to explore intimacy through art! May you feel the hug I try to send you with this note ♡

    Got questions? Message me!