Tattoo License

It is truly an honor to see people like you getting my art tattooed! Tattoos are turning into my biggest, living exhibition, which is absolutely mind-blowing & heart-warming. 🤯 😍

To value my art, respect my copyright, facilitate the communication between the tattooing and tattooed person and to let you support instead of steal my work, I issue personalized tattoo licenses to you.

€ 29

Pick an artwork that you like from my Art Gallery on Instagram.

Get in touch with a tattooist, or find one from my recommendation list below.

Purchase my official Tattoo License here and support my art & copyrights ♡ Thanks!

In the checkout, enter the personal details of the person getting tattooed as the customer.

Download the license you receive via email. Important: checkout with email, not phone number to get the download link.

Find beauty & inspiration in your new tattoo and please send me a photo for my collection!


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