FLOW regularly takes the time to make custom artworks for you.

To ask for one, please send an email to where you specify

  • Motif: explain the topic or scene of the artwork in words or attach reference photos to your email
  • Format: would you like a small or large physical version or just a digital version, e.g. for a tattoo
  • Favorites: Instagram links or screenshots of your favorite works from FLOWSOFLY
  • Urgency: in case this needs to be ready at a certain date

Rates for such commissions start at €300 and the final rate depends mostly on the delivery format. Keep in mind that FLOW usually draws artworks with pen on paper.

In terms of next steps, FLOW will look through your commission request and decide whether it's currently feasible. Then a first digital version will be shared. After a round of feedback, the second and final version will be shared with you.