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Quick facts about FLOWSOFLY

* Started publishing art in 2015

* Quickly becamse one of the leading artists in line art style worldwide

* Built a global audience of over 350.000 fans, followers and collectors from every part of the world on social media channels

* Hosted solo exhibitions from Vienna to Lima to Los Angeles

* Pushing the boundaries and growing the art analog with pastels and digitally with interactive 3D sculptures

flow is open to collaborations and partnerships

Brand partnerships

creating flow art edition products with flow's celebrated signature style and intricate linework

Media partnerships

connect with flow's community of over 350.000 fans and followers from across the world on Instagram and across other social networks and communication channels

Exhibition partnerships

exhibit flow's artworks in your locations

Collector partnerships

support flow's art to fund creative explorations

Social partnerships

flow has created artworks and raised awareness and donations of a total exceeding €10.000 for various social organizations including SOS Kinderdorf Ukraine, St. Anna Kinderspital and Afghanischer Frauenverein

Partners and clients include

  • Red Bull 👐
  • Wings for Life World Run ♿️
  • Hotel Hirschen Schwarzenberg 🦌
  • TIAN Bistros 🥬
  • Weingut Geyerhof 🍾
  • Faber-Castell ✏️
  • Waterdrop 💧
  • Stil vor Talent 🎶
  • Austrian embassy 🇦🇹

Overview of successfully completed and ongoing projects

Let's work together

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