FLOWSOFLY x Geyerhof

Natural wine from Austria

featuring flow's art and poetry.

Natural wine from Austria

featuring flow's art and poetry.

Natural Wines

It started in the spring of 2021 at my birthday dinner at Weiss in Bregenz, Austria. The sommelière served sparkling Pet Nat and spoke passionately about the winemakers.

Inspired, I messaged the winemakers the next day, thanking them for their delicious creation. They replied and invited me to experience their farm and wine cellar. How cool!

And that's how, about a year ago, in the summer of 2021, I first got to visit and meet Geyerhof.

And we bonded immediately. Because we share a passion for nature. For freedom of creation. For doing what we feel is good and right.

And that's how, for me, Geyerhof became Maria & Seppi who now make the wines & plow the grounds in 14th generation — that’s 800 years of family history on the same land!

Their dedication to holistic, natural farming where diversity and time are key components impressed and fascinated me — and still does!

After talking for a while, inspired by each other’s work and philosophy, we naturally started talking about a collaboration.

Geyerhof is a pioneer in organic wine making. And since Maria & Seppi were conceiving a new series of natural, unfiltered wines (named HOFSTUDIEN) into which they could pour their heart & knowledge, they were in need of meaningful artworks. What a great timing!

Over the course of the next months, I was humbled and excited to create these artworks.

Our aim was to reflect the characteristics, textures and souls of the wines in the artworks.

We also added lines of poetry which I got to write to tell the story & inspire you.

Overall I am really proud of the finished artworks and the wines. The amazing feedback from restaurants, chefs & wine dealers from all over the world is also really encouraging.

Most of all I am so grateful that I got to share my passions, learn about winemaking and make friends with Maria & Seppi.


The wines are available from Geyerhof's website 


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